AC Installation and Air Conditioning for Older Homes

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Older homes can be particularly attractive to property buyers who prefer old-world charm. Some may be attached to a particular design style, while others appreciate the cozy warmth of an aged residential property.

But with its charm come challenges when it comes to renovation and refurbishing needs. An old home has to keep up with the times too. One of the significant upgrades that will be needed by any older home is a new air conditioning system. An HVAC or AC Unit usually lasts for 10-15 years. Any system more aged than that could be inefficient already.

For property owners who are planning AC installation or upgrading their air conditioning for their older property, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Have a reliable and licensed HVAC Contractor inspect the existing AC system. If the current system is centralized, have the ducts, vents and air registers checked too. Ask the contractor about his assessment of the current system.
  2. If the contractor says the current HVAC unit is more than 15 years old and would need to be replaced, it is time to upgrade the HVAC system. If however the past owner of the house has recently updated the AC system, and the unit needs a thorough cleaning or a couple of repairs, then have it done.
  3. When in need of a new HVAC unit or AC System, it is best to draw up a plan. Evaluate the household’s needs. Determine the budget and what it can cover in terms of available systems in the market. At this point, one needs to canvass. A good starting point though is to ask the contractor for his recommendations about the most efficient system that could be used given the house set up. Some older homes may not have ducts and vents for a centralized AC system, so keep these in mind.
  4. It would also be helpful to make sure that arrangements are made for the pull-out of the old unit. Some HVAC stores may offer free pull out of the old unit. They can even provide a discount for giving them the old unit. For window or split type units that can no longer be used, check the community regulations in disposing of worn-out air conditioning appliances. Keep in mind the tips mentioned above for a hassle-free installation or upgrade of a new air conditioning unit in an older home.

How to Hire an Electrician in San Diego

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Tips on Hiring an Expert Licensed Electrician

Hiring an electrician for the first time may be tricky, especially for first-time homeowners. For one, with the thousands of electrical contractors in an area, it could be difficult to choose whom to trust, and who can do the job right.

Then there are requirements in rendering service per state. Not all homeowners are familiar with these requirements and how to find out whether the electrician contractor they are planning to hire complies with such. So how to hire an electrician in San Diego?

How to Hire an Electrician in San Diego
Due diligence is needed in hiring an electrician. (Photo Credits)

Crowdsourcing for one’s social media account, and asking for referrals from friends and family who may have had electrical work done can greatly help.  This is because for sure they will not recommend an electrician who did a lousy service in their property. San Diego Electrical contractor

One may also use search engines, and third party ratings websites to check out electricians and electrical contractors in San Diego. This way, one can peruse their offerings, and even see the reviews left by their clients.

At least three electrician contractors should be considered for the job, and it will be best to interview them to find out more about the services that they offer, their usual timeline, the scope of work, and how they usually carry out a contract. During the interview, a potential client can also inquire about reference persons that he or she may get in touch with to ask how the contractor performed in their transaction.

Service Ratings Website Angie’s List came up with six guide questions property owners should ask before sealing the deal with an Escondido CA Electrician contractor.

“Do you have a business license? In addition to having a valid electrician’s license, check whether the contractor is licensed to operate a business in your area, and confirm that the license is current, Rubin says. Many states have a searchable database for licensed businesses on their Secretary of State’s office websites. Do you offer a warranty? Ask whether the parts or labor or both are under warranty and how long that warranty is effective, Rubin says. A good electrician will offer a warranty, he adds.”

Read about the four other questions from the original article here.

The website also came up with several questions homeowners should inquire from an electrical contractor they wish to hire.

“Are you licensed? Electricians are required to be licensed in most states and municipalities, so don’t consider one who isn’t properly licensed. There are two basic levels of licensure: A master electrician has at least two years of professional experience and is licensed for both design and installation of electrical systems. A journeyman is licensed for installation only. In some areas, journeymen must work alongside masters. Are you insured? Certainly one of the deal-breaker electrician questions, given the potentially high liability for this work. Electrical contractors should carry at least $500,000 in liability and workers’ compensation insurance.”

The eight other questions can be found here.

Hiring a good electrician can be tricky but with due diligence, a property owner can land a contract with a licensed expert.

Why Flood Damage Create A Dangerous Health Issue

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The Hidden Health Dangers of Flood Damage

Flood  damage is not only dangerous in terms of the structure of the flooded house or property. Equally, or sometimes even more perilous is its impact on the health of the home occupants. The danger also gets up another notchy, when the flood damaged home has not been restored professionally.

In one of its articles in its website, media outfit CNN explained why flood damage create a dangerous heath issue.

“Doctors often see more people with respiratory infections after floodwaters recede and people are allowed to return to their homes. Contamination from floodwaters and the mold that quickly grows in a warm environment like Texas can exacerbate asthma or trigger allergies.”

Read the rest of the article here.

Why Flood Damage Create A Dangerous Health Issue
Flood damage does not only destroy structures and furnishing, it also damages health if not appropriately remediated. (Photo Credits)

Danish research institute — Statens Serum Institut, shared a study that answers why flood damage create a dangerous health issue. In their research work, they indicated point by point the many health hazards present in a flood damaged home. And while most of the health problems pertain to physical dangers, they did not forget to mention in their study that there as well lies possible mental health impact on flooding victims. San Diego water damage restoration

“Having  experienced  a  devastating  flood,  seen  loved  ones  lost  or  injured,  and  homes  damaged  or  destroyed,  flooding  poses  a  long-term  psychological  impact  on  the  flood  victims.  In  addition,  the  cost  and  labor  required  to  repair  flood-damaged  homes places severe financial and psychological burdens on the people affected, in particular the unprepared  and  uninsured.  Post-flood  recovery  –  especially  when  it  becomes  prolonged  –  can  commonly   cause   mental   disorders,   anxiety,   anger,   depression,   lethargy,   hyperactivity,   sleeplessness, and in an extreme case, suicides amongst the flood victims. Behavior changes may also  occur  in  children  such  as  an  increase  in  bed-wetting  and  aggression.  There  is  also  a  long-term concern amongst the affected that their homes would be flooded again in the future.”

A copy of the study can be downloaded here.

The website Mercola meantime explained long-term health hazards of a flood damaged home. In their article, they explained that some health risks associated with a flood damage property may not be immediately obvious, or will take time to affect the health of the occupants.

“As difficult and heartbreaking as most of the immediate effects are, the long-term devastation from mold will be experienced by home and business owners for decades. Mold is a toxic hurricane holdover. Mary Hayden of the National Center for Atmospheric Research notes that evacuees may not be able to return to their homes for up to three weeks.32 During that time, waterlogged homes will bake in the sun, giving mold ample time to grow in most of the walls and homeowners’ belongings. Mold growth after Hurricane Katrina was implicated in the deaths of four Southern University at New Orleans professors, who all worked in the same building damaged by the storm and died within a few months of each other.”

Check out the continuation of the article here.

Flood damage is indeed a serious health issue. To avoid its negative health impact hire professional restorers and mold experts who can remediate the damage the flooding has brought about.