Nina Ortiz | Blogging

Older homes can be particularly attractive to property buyers who prefer old-world charm. Some may be attached to a particular design style, while others appreciate the cozy warmth of an aged residential property.

But with its charm come challenges when it comes to renovation and refurbishing needs. An old home has to keep up with the times too. One of the significant upgrades that will be needed by any older home is a new air conditioning system. An HVAC or AC Unit usually lasts for 10-15 years. Any system more aged than that could be inefficient already.

For property owners who are planning AC installation or upgrading their air conditioning for their older property, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Have a reliable and licensed HVAC Contractor inspect the existing AC system. If the current system is centralized, have the ducts, vents and air registers checked too. Ask the contractor about his assessment of the current system.
  2. If the contractor says the current HVAC unit is more than 15 years old and would need to be replaced, it is time to upgrade the HVAC system. If however the past owner of the house has recently updated the AC system, and the unit needs a thorough cleaning or a couple of repairs, then have it done.
  3. When in need of a new HVAC unit or AC System, it is best to draw up a plan. Evaluate the household’s needs. Determine the budget and what it can cover in terms of available systems in the market. At this point, one needs to canvass. A good starting point though is to ask the contractor for his recommendations about the most efficient system that could be used given the house set up. Some older homes may not have ducts and vents for a centralized AC system, so keep these in mind.
  4. It would also be helpful to make sure that arrangements are made for the pull-out of the old unit. Some HVAC stores may offer free pull out of the old unit. They can even provide a discount for giving them the old unit. For window or split type units that can no longer be used, check the community regulations in disposing of worn-out air conditioning appliances. Keep in mind the tips mentioned above for a hassle-free installation or upgrade of a new air conditioning unit in an older home.